Do Female Cats Spray After Being Fixed?

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If you’re thinking about getting your female cat spayed, then you probably have some concerns in the back of your mind.

Is it worth the money? Will it hurt my kitty? Do female cats spray after being fixed?

All of these are reasonable questions that could be going through your head. After all, you only want to commit to something if its the best for your kitty.

If you’re thinking about getting your female cat spayed to stop her from spraying then be warned…

Spaying / neutering isn’t guaranteed to stop your kitty from spraying.

If you’ve already our article on do female cats spray? Then you should know that female cat spraying is quite a common issue.

There’s still a good chance that even after they’ve been “fixed” they’ll still be able to spray. Remember, if your cat can pee, then they can still spray.

But how is this possible? Didn’t the vet tell you it will fix every cat’s spraying problem? Well, unfortunately, not in all cases. To explain why cats can still spray after being “fixed” we’re taking a look at how its possible and what you can do to stop them.

So get ready to jot down some notes, here’s everything you need to know about spayed female cats spraying.

Can Female Cats Spray After Being Spayed?

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To put it simply, if a cat can pee, then they can still spray. Regardless if they have been spayed or not, nothing can physically stop a cat from spraying.

Spaying (or neutering) is the removal of an animal’s reproductive organ. This involves either all of it being removed or a considerably large part. In females, this involves the removal of the ovaries or uterus as a method of birth control.

This process doesn’t interfere with a cat’s ability to pee which ultimately means a cat can still spray. No matter what any vet or “guru” told you, spaying isn’t the answer to all of your cat problems.

Many people believe that if they get their cat neutered, then they’ll instantly stop spraying. However, this is not always the case. In most cases, spaying will stop a cat from spraying, especially if they are female. But sometimes it’s just a temporary solution and a cat can start spraying again due to reasons we’ll cover later.

The aim of spaying is to reduce the amount of hormones they produce and therefore the need for them to attract a mate. If you take away their reproductive system and hormones, then they’ll surely stop spraying right?

Well not exactly…

Why Do Female Cats Spray After Being Fixed?

female cat being spayed

To answer the question “do female cats spray after being fixed?” we need to take a look at why cats spray in the first place.

Cats can spray for many different reasons and not all of them are related to attracting a mate. In fact, sometimes a cat can spray when they have medical problems such as an infection (UTI) or feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC). If you suspect your cat is having trouble peeing and is not using their litter tray, then it’s best to take them for a checkup. The last thing you want to do is assume they are spraying when really they are crying for help!

Other reasons cats might start to spray after being spaying include behavioral issues such as such as being stressed or threatened by cats in the neighborhood. Cats are very territorial animals and mark their territory by spraying on walls and furniture. If your cat starts to feel threatened or insecure, then they will often spray to make themselves feel safer.

If your neighbor has a new kitty or you notice a lot of other cats around your area, then your cat could be trying to scare them off. By spraying inside and around your house, they are basically telling other cats to stay away. This means no matter if your cat has been spayed, they will still spray if they feel in danger.

Lots of other big cats do this in the wild, and it works wonders. However, for a domestic house cat that spends most of their time inside, it’s really not necessary and can cause owners lots of stress.

Stop Your Cat From Ever Spraying Again

Is your female cat spraying after being spayed? If so then don’t panic. The chances are your cat is spraying due to behavioral issues, and with the right guidance, they can be taught to stop.

It’s actually possible to train your cat to stop spraying by resetting their senses and environment.

We’ve got the ultimate step by step guide on how to stop your cat from spraying in 7 days or less. No matter if they’re spayed or not, any cat can be taught to stop spraying by following the T.T.S (touch, taste, smell) method.

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