How to Stop Cats From Spraying

Tips and Tricks to Stop Your Cat From Spraying
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If you’ve ever woken up or come home to the foul smell of cat pee, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Whether your cat has just started spraying or they’ve been doing it for a while, making them stop should be your number 1 priority. But just how do you do it?

Maybe you’ve already tried before with no luck. Or have just resorted to disciplining your cat by spraying them with water. The chances are if you’re reading this, then you’ve still not solved the problem. But don’t worry! We’re here to teach you how to stop cats from spraying with a little bit of patience, and some hand techniques.

So grab a pen and pay close attention, this could save you lots of time and frustration.

Why Is My Cat Spraying?

Before we learn how to stop cats from spraying, it’s important to understand why they’re spraying in the first place.

Here’s a little secret: they’re not doing it annoy you!

Cat spraying is often mistaken as something cats do when they’re naughty. However, that’s completely wrong, cat spraying is actually a natural response for cats when they’re stressed.

All cats, regardless if they’re neutered or not will sometimes mark out their territory by spraying. This certain behavior can often be triggered by stress caused by external factors such as changes in environment or lack of security.

In order to increase their self-assurance and to make them feel safe, cats will spray urine to make them feel at home. Although it’s not uncommon for cats to spray outside to fend off other cats, spraying indoors is a sign they are distressed.

Maybe you’ve re-arranged your house recently, bought a new litter box, or changed the litter in their tray. All of these things can contribute to your cat’s annoying new habit.

So just how do you stop this behavior and get them to stop spraying once and for all? It all starts with working out what caused this behavior in the first place.

How to Stop Cats From Spraying Indoors

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Knowing how to stop cats from spraying requires 2 things. First you have to understand your cat, and second, you have to understand how to change their behavior. By piecing together the puzzle you’ll be able to see why they started spraying in the first place, and how to bring them back to their normal self.

Get a Check Up

The first and most important step is to get your cat checked up by a vet. Cat spraying is primarily caused by 2 different issues, medical and behavioral. The chances are it won’t be a medical issues causing the problem, but it’s never worth assuming they are fit and healthy. Getting your cat checked by a vet will rule out any medical issues

Whatever you do, don’t just assume they’re spraying due to behavior issues. Their spraying could be telling you they have a serious medical problem. Once you’ve got the all clear from the vet, it’s time to work out the reason and teach your feline friend that they don’t need to spray.

Stop Your Cat From Looking Outside

If your cat likes to sit and look out of the window then this could be causing them to spray indoors. If you cat sees another cat outside then their reaction will be to start marking their territory just in case they come visiting.

Maybe someone in your areas has just got a new cat and they like to go adventuring. If your cat sees them regularly passing by outside then they might feel threatened. Their natural response will be to start marking their territory to drive them away.

To stop your cat looking outside and feeling paranoid, restrict access to the windows by moving furniture around. If you have chairs near your windows, move them. If you have blinds or drapes, shut them.

If you can’t do anything then at least block out the lower portion of the window using privacy tape or some other creative way. To help distract your cat from what’s going on outside, you can also invest in a scratching pole that’s far away from the windows.

By having their own little safe space away from the windows, your cat is much more likely to feel safe and calm.

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Help De-Stress Your Cat

If you want to learn how to stop cats from spraying, then you have to understand what it’s like to be a cat.

Moving house, rearranging your house, or getting new furniture can really stress out your cat. A stressed out cat is a bad cat and will often resort to spraying to reassure themselves. To help give them a sense of security you should focus on getting them back into a daily routine.

This means feeding them at roughly the same time everyday so they know when to expect food. This also means changing their litter box around the same time and using unscented litter. Scented litter can often cause cats to think someone else is trying to claim the area as their own due to the overwhelming smell. Having unscented litter is the best way to calm your cat down.

Another good tip is to make sure you keep their litter tray and bed in the same area that can’t be moved. Moving these around every day can be a nightmare for cats. Not knowing where to pee is only going to result in 1 thing, spraying!

Finally, if you have guests that come over to your house who have cats, then you’ll want to put your cat into another room. If your cat picks up the scent of another cat that someone has carried in, then their natural behavior will kick in. Your cat spraying is probably bad enough, but if they start spraying on guests, then that’s even worse!

Banish The Smell Forever!

These are just a few useful techniques to get your cat on the way to stop their spraying. If you want you permanently ensure your cat never sprays again, you’ll need to follow a strict schedule of cat training.

If you’ve unsuccessfully tried to stop your cat from spraying with no luck, then don’t worry. No matter how long your cat has been spraying for, it’s possible to permanently stop them from spraying indoors in just a matter of days.

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At your wits end and just want that foul smell to go away? Wave bye bye to your cat’s bad habits and start to love your feline friend again!