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Do Female Cats Spray After Being Fixed?

If you’re thinking about getting your female cat spayed, then you probably have some concerns in the back of your mind. Is it worth the money? Will it hurt my kitty? Do female cats spray after being fixed? All of these are reasonable questions that could be going...

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When Do Male Kittens Start Spraying?

If you’ve just got yourself a new kitten then congratulations, you’ve just started an incredible journey with your feline friend. With so much to look forward too, from their first cuddle to their first hairball, having a kitten is full of interesting surprises....

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What Does it Smell Like When A Cat Sprays?

Have you ever come home to a foul smell in your house? Maybe you thought it was the trash, or your cat doing some smelly business. But what do you do when the smell doesn't go away? Could it be someone leaving surprises in your home? If you think your cat has been...

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How to Stop Cats From Peeing on Furniture

So you’ve just had your new kitty for a few months now and everything is going well, until suddenly you notice a strange smell… It’s not coming from the litter tray, and it’s certainly not the trash. So what could is it? After some inspecting around the house, you...

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Do Male Cats Spray After Being Neutered?

If you’re thinking about getting your male cat neutered, then there’s something you should know. Neutering doesn’t always solve every problem with your cat, including spraying. Maybe you’ve noticed a strange smell around your house that doesn't seem to go away no...

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