Do Male Cats Spray After Being Neutered?

Finally An Answer To The Question!
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If you’re thinking about getting your male cat neutered, then there’s something you should know. Neutering doesn’t always solve every problem with your cat, including spraying.

Maybe you’ve noticed a strange smell around your house that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how much Febreeze you spray. Or maybe you’ve seen your cat spraying on your furniture and enough is enough!

If you get your cat neutered then surely he’ll stop peeing everywhere right?

Well, not exactly…

But doesn’t neutering stop cats from spraying? How is it possible that they can still spray? What’s going on?!

As confused as might be right now, you won’t be for long. To help you understand how cats can spray after being neutered, we’re taking a look at everything you need to know. From why cats spray, to what sets them off, here’s the most important things you need to know about cat spraying.

Can Male Cats Spray If They Are Neutered?

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The short answer to this question is: YES male cats can spray after they are neutered.

But why? Didn’t the vet tell you that they can’t?

To understand why cats can still spray after being neutered we have to understand what cat spraying is in the first place. To explain it as simply as possible, cat spraying is when a cat marks an area by urinating on a vertical surface. This could be a wall, tree, or your brand new furniture!

Unlike regular urinating, a cat will back up to a vertical surface with their tail sticking up. They will then proceed to spray a small amount of urine vertically on the wall. Compared to regular urination there’s nowhere near as much liquid released. But the main difference is certainly the smell.

Cats leave these marks in order to mark out their territory and scare off other animals. They can also start to spray when they feel stressed on insecure about their environment. If you’ve just moved furniture around your house or you’re always moving your cats litter tray, these can all cause your cat to start spraying overnight.

Your cat isn’t mad at you or spraying on purpose, they are just trying to make the place more recognizable to themselves so they feel safer. Take a look at animals in the wild, Tigers and Lions regularly pee and spray around their territory to scare other cats off. Your cat might not exactly be a Lion or Tiger, but the same principle applies.

When Do Male Cats Stop Spraying After Being Neutered?

male cat after being neutered

Since cats start spraying for a variety of different reasons, there’s no knowing exactly when they will stop. Sometimes they will just naturally stop after a few weeks once they feel safe and secure. Other times they will continue to spray until you finally do something about it.

If your cat is spraying then don’t worry, most cats spray because of behavioral issues and can be fixed in just a matter of days. The trick is to make sure they feel safe and are not being threatened by any other cat.

Every cat can be taught how to stop spraying if you put in enough time to teach them. There are various techniques and strategies out there that can stop your cat from spraying almost instantly. But more on that later, why exactly is your cat spraying in the first place?

Why Does My Male Cat Spray After Being Neutered?

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As mentioned before, cats can start spraying overnight for a whole range of different reasons. From feeling stressed out to being in a new environment, cats will do anything to make themselves feel more secure.

Another reason why cats start to spray and pee everywhere can sometimes be related to medical issues. If your cat has an infection and can’t pee naturally then they will start to squirt out small amount of liquid. As you can imagine not peeing for several days is super unhealthy and they have to get the liquid out somehow!

If you haven’t seen your cat use their litter tray for a few days, then they could be having trouble peeing. The best thing to do is to take them to a vet for a checkup to make sure they are ok. If the results come back as clear, then the chances are it’s most likely a behavioral issue. This is actually good news as its possible to teach your cat how to stop spraying yourself and for less than $40.

Stop Your Cat From Spraying Today

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