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As soon as my cat Squeaky started spraying I needed desperate help. The smell was foul and the mess was gross, I went through 4 bed sheets in a week! Luckily your guide taught me step by step how to stop my cat from spraying. It’s now been over 2 weeks since she’s stopped and it’s a massive relief. Thank you for making an amazing guide!

  Jules Martin - 09/02/2016

After adopting Winnie from a cat shelter 14 months ago, everything was find until he started spraying!  With vet bills costing over $250 to have him neutered I had to find another way. Luckily my friend showed me your website after stopping her cat from spraying. I followed the instructions in your guide and in exactly 6 days Winnie had stopped spraying. Incredible!

  Wendy Grayson - 10/08/2016

I don’t normally leave reviews but I just had to for this! Not only did the guide teach me exactly how to stop my cat from spraying, but I also found the bonus guides fantastic as well. After following the TTS method for a few days, my cat Arthur completely changed his behavior. It was a miracle. Compared to the behavior specialist I was considering hiring, this guide is so CHEAP! I’ve already told my friends, if they have any cat spraying problems, they’ll be coming to you. Beverly Sanders - 01/03/2017

My cat Tinkles had been spraying for 2 weeks before I decided that I needed some help. Not only was the smell very strong and foul, but it also took me numerous hours every day to clean it up. I initially looked at hiring a cat behavior specialists until I saw the eye watering prices, I knew there must be a cheaper way. Luckily I found your guide and the rest they say, is history. In only 6 days I managed to each Tinkles to stop all on her own! I will be recommending you to all my friends! Graham Winston - 03/29/2017

I’d had my cat Florence for over 5 years when she started spraying for no apparent reason. My parents said we would have to give her away if she didn’t stop, they just couldn’t bare the smell. Since I didn’t want to put Florence through the pain of spaying I ended up buying your guide (it was considerably cheaper!). It’s now been 2 months since Florence has stopped spraying, me and my parents are completely amazed! Thank you so much! Jo Hudson - 12/10/2016

I love my cat Henry, but even I was struggling to cope with his erratic behavior. It all started one day when I came home from work and noticed a terrible smell. That smell used to cause me hours of cleaning every single day, but not anymore! Thanks to your guide and TTS method I managed to teach Henry to use his litter box with ease. 1 week later and his spraying has completely stopped. What a relief! All thanks to your amazing guide! 🙂 Louise Rogers - 03/11/2017

Thanks for putting together an amazing guide! I’ve had several cats over my lifetime but I’ve never experienced cat spraying before. I ended up going to the vets to get Oscar neutered but I was shocked when he didn’t stop. Not wanting to splash out another $200 in behavioral training, I luckily managed to find you guide. I put the techniques into practice and in just under a week Oscar had completely stopped spraying! What a success! Thank you so much. Ryan Lewis - 05/22/2017

Before finding Cease Cat Spraying I struggled for months with a smelly house and a disobedient kitten. After applying the easy to follow steps laid out in the guide, I managed to get my cat to stop spraying in just 5 day! I’m really glad the whole thing worked, my last resort would have been to hire an animal behavioral expert for $300. Luckily I managed to save myself a lot of money thank to your guide.

Andrew Hochberg - 09/29/2017

After putting up for months with my cat constantly spraying all over my furniture my friend recommended your guide after having success with her cat. I followed the same techniques and steps in the book and managed to get the same results. If my friend hadn’t of recommended you then I don’t know what I would have done!

Chris Forrest - 11/29/2017

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