Why Is My Male Cat Spraying?

He's not doing it to annoy you!
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When it comes to cats spraying, male cats are often the culprit. Although it is possible for female cats to start spraying at any time, it’s usually very rare. Male cat spraying happens a lot more regularly, especially with unneutered male cats. This is mainly due to their territorial nature and male behavior which we’ll discover later.

If you have a male cat that has just started spraying, then determining why they’ve started should be your first priority. If you don’t do anything and try to ignore it, then the smell will only get worse. Punishing them also isn’t a good idea, it won’t make them stop and it will only ruin your relationship.

Here’s how to determine why your cat has started spraying, and how to stop them.

Why Is My Male Cat Spraying?

Male cats can start spraying for a number of different reasons. This can be down to either medical or behavioral issues. Determining the cause of the spraying is the first step to solving the problem and getting your lovely cat back to normal.

So how do you know when your cat is spraying and when they’ve just had an accident?

Spray marks are often found on vertical surfaces such as walls, beds, furniture and doors. Unlike inappropriate urination where a cat leaves a puddle on the floor, cat spraying always has less liquid volume. In addition to the lack of volume, the smell will also be much stronger. This is because cats release certain chemicals when they are spraying as they’re doing it for a reason and not by accident.

If you’ve found small puddles of pee around your house, then the chances are your cat has just had an accident. If this keeps happening, then be sure to regularly check their litter box to make sure it is accessible and is being used. Not emptying a litter box regularly enough will force your cat to find somewhere else to do their business.

If you’re positive your cat is spraying indoors then the first thing you should do is take them to a vet. About 30% of all cats that spray may have a medical problem such as cystitis. It’s really not worth the risk to assume your cat isn’t in that 30%. It only takes a quick trip to the vets and they’ll be able to do analysis on their urine.

Once the results come back, your vet with either be able to deal with the medical problem or give you the all clear. If no medical issues are found, then you know the issue is completely behavioral.

Do Male Cats Spray After Being Neutered?

Neutering is a surgical procedure where the testicals are removed from a male cat. Similar to spaying for female cats were the ovaries and uterus are removed, this expensive (and painful) procedure can sometimes stop spraying.

Many male cats often start spraying to advertise their sexual health to females. They are basically spraying and showing off, with a foul smell! Although neutered male cat spraying is rare, it is still possible. A neutered male cat can still pee and therefore it can still spray.

If your cat is still spraying after they’ve been neutered, then you’ll need to teach your cat to stop. Don’t worry it’s not as hard as it sounds, and there are plenty of techniques to use. With patience and practice, you can stop your cat from spraying in as little as 7 days.

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How Can I Stop My Cat From Spraying?

Since there are so many reasons why a cat might start spraying, there are also several ways to stop it. Every cat is unique and will respond differently to different techniques. Some will instantly stop overnight and never do it again. While others will require behavioral training over several days or weeks.

The first thing you’ll want to check is your cat’s litter box. As weird as it might sound, it’s often the most common reason why cats start spraying in the first place. A litter box is a cat’s sacred place to do their business and when you start messing with it, they can get stressed. Have you recently moved your cat’s litter box to a different location? Or have you recently got a different brand of cat litter?

Cats love a routine and a safe environment. If their litter box is constantly moving around the house and having new litter put in every week, they can feel threatened and stressed. Did you know that scented cat litter is a common reason why your cat started spraying in the first place?

Scented cat litter often gives off a smell to cover up your cat’s business. Sometimes this can backfire and actually cause your cat to start spraying in order to cover it up. A good tip is to make sure you buy unscented cat litter from the brand. Changing the scent and texture every week is a bad idea if you’re trying to keep your cat in a routine.

When it comes to males, cat spraying is a way for them to mark their territory and give themselves some reassurance. Spraying helps spread their scent around the area and helps make them feel safe.

Eliminating your cat’s view of the outdoors is another good technique to stop your male cat spraying. It’s not uncommon for cats to sit at the window and watch the world go by. This involves watching other cats come and go. Being the territorial cat that they are, the chances are your cat won’t like that. This can trigger them to start spraying overnight in an attempt to mark out their territory. It’s a natural response for a cats, and a nuisance for humans!

To stop your cat from watching other cats outside, you need to limit their view of the windows. This means moving furniture away from the windows so they can’t get up, and installing blinds. The cats will probably still be outside passing by, but as long as your cat doesn’t know, that’s all that matters.

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Stop Your Cat Spraying With 1 Simple Trick

Cat spraying sucks. Especially when it seems no matter what you do your cat won’t stop. Not only does it leave your house smelling horrible, but it costs you money, wastes your time and causes you stress.

Hoping your cat will just stop spraying on their own is a bad idea. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life scrubbing walls and living in a smelly dump? Using our unique Touch Taste Smell method, you can stop your cat from spraying in just 7 days.